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ITGS Surveillance Technology

Surveillance is using technology to monitor people and is used to track, record and assess people and their performance. In a business setting, it can be used to assess if employees are adhering to their company's policies and procedures.

Video surveillance or rather CCTV (closed-circuit television), is an industry that is more than 30 years old and one that has evolved as technology improves and the demands of the end users' increase. For more information about the evolution of video surveillance and CCTV visit:

In this article, the issues regarding the NSA surveillance controversy involving Edward Snowden and the technology involved in the Angela Merkel wiretapping case are explored in greater detail.

Surveillance laws set out what powers the state may have to monitor communications between citizens and this was recently updated in the UK with the passing of a new Investigatory Powers Bill. For more information visit:

The thought of workplace surveillance tracking your every move has many people nervous. In this article the issues about employers are using a range of technologies to monitor their staff’s web-browsing patterns, keystrokes, social media posts and even private messaging apps are examined. View the article here:

workplace surveillance technology
workplace surveillance technology

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