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Biometric Authentication Securing Hospitals ITGS

A common use of facial recognition technology is system and biometric authentication, explained Reda Chouffani (2018). With IT looking to reduce the number of steps needed to enhance security, facial recognition supports the use of computer cameras to detect and authenticate the users attempting to log in. Microsoft has included this technology in its latest Windows 10 operating system and enables its clients to use Windows Hello facial recognition for workstation or laptop authentication.

Face ID on Apple devices is another popular use of facial recognition technology for authentication. This use case is attractive to healthcare IT executives because it meets the additional security requirements around multifactor authentication and reduces the number of steps needed in a traditional password-based authentication practice.

One of the most popular uses for facial recognition in healthcare is for security. Law enforcement can use the technology to detect and identify individuals of interest by scanning all visitors and individuals entering a hospital facility. They can then compare each individual to a list of flagged individuals. The use of facial recognition technology in hospitals can help identify individuals who may be drug seekers or previously ejected individuals whom the hospital is no longer allowing to access the facility.

Answer these IB ITGS Style Exam Questions in the comments section:

  1. Identify the input device involved in facial recognition technology in healthcare. (1 marks)

  2. Identify the output device involved in facial recognition technology in healthcare. (1 marks)

  3. Outline how Windows Hello facial recognition and Face ID works. (6 marks)

  4. Consider the staff that work at a hospital that has facial recognition technology, analyse how this technology may impact them. (8 marks)

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Reda Chouffani

Use of facial recognition in healthcare improves hospital security

December 2018

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