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ITGS Apple and biometric analysis

Apples W2 wireless coprocessor manages Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity on the Apple Watch Series 3, and its T2 wafer handles encryption, voice recognition, audio, and image processing in the latest-generation MacBook Pro. But according to CNBC, Apple is turning its attention to a new area of semiconductor research: biometric analysis. In a report published today, CNBC uncovered job postings from Apple’s Health Sensing hardware team that hint at a custom processor for health data management.

  1. Construct an outline how this health technology might look like with reference to input>processor>output -(i.e. Display information in a diagrammatic or logical form).

  2. Formulate a basic policy for the use of this technology that addresses privacy and anonymity of users.

  3. Discuss the benefits of personal health technology for the eldery.

Apple is turning its attention to biometric analysis ITGS
Apple is turning its attention to biometric analysis ITGS

Job ads hint Apple is bringing health analysis processor design in-house


AUGUST 14, 2018 1:21 PM

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