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hello ibdp students and teachers!

I created in 2018 when I saw a need to help students doing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. In particular, I wanted to help students who were preparing for final exams, completing their internal assessment, writing their extended essay... when they were outside of the classroom. IBDP students spend a significant amount of study time, outside of the regularly scheduled class time and this is when they turn online to get help and answers... because their teacher and classmates are not in the room to help, and this deepeestudent platform is to here to help at these times. Furthermore, this IB DP platform is to support the great work of IB Teachers around the world. As IB and Universities demand students to seek other perspectives, cross-reference and synthesise knowledge - this site is to provide additional resources and perspectives to support classroom activities. The overall aim of this IB guide is to help students get great marks, succeed and get placement in the college of their choice.

luke cameron watson rmit hjis teacher student
Luke Cameron Watson

Teacher & Blogger

Luke has been teaching since 2003 and is currently studying an MBA award at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia and teaching at HJIS in Yokohama, Japan.


Luke Watson BEd, GDipTh, MEd. 

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