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Preventing a Robotic Takeover - ITGS

How can we harness the power of superintelligent AI while also preventing the catastrophe of robotic takeover? As we move closer toward creating all-knowing machines, AI pioneer Stuart Russell is working on something a bit different: robots with uncertainty. Hear his vision for human-compatible AI that can solve problems using common sense, altruism and other human values. Watch this video and answer the IB style exam questions below.

AI IB Exam Style Questions:

  1. Consider the PR2 Coffee Fetching task, as described in Stuart Russell's video and identify Identify two of the sensors that a robot must have in order to move around. (2 marks)

  2. AI creators are investigating the nature of security measures used by users to access and control AI (e.g. turn the robot off, program the function, etc.). The two options being investigated are: (1) Users creates a password that needs to be changed every 60 days and (2) thumb scanners. Analyse these two options. (6 marks)

  3. Watson Pharmacy is considering programming robots to distribute prescription medicines in the future. Discuss the potential effects of the use of robots for Watson Pharmacy. (8 marks)

AI TOK Style Questions pick one of the questions below and respond:

  1. Stuart Russel explained that AI requires a significant amount of collective data, how might we decided that the input information is of value (TOK ways of knowing link)? (8 marks)

  2. To what extent is artificial intelligence "human" and to what extent should society treat AI as human as a result? (8 marks)

  3. How does the everyday use and reliance on technology impact human intelligence and ways of knowing? (8 marks)

  4. What are the essential differences between human and artificial intelligence? (8 marks)

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