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ITGS People and Machines

The use of IT systems brings significant advantages, for instance in ease of use, being available 24/7, or through its use rather than exposing humans to a potentially hazardous environment. The ultimate fear of many people is that future systems will be programmed to make decisions that would be better taken by humans.

To illustrate this in greater depth, consider this article entitled Artificial Intelligence : Can intelligent robots replace human jobs by 2025? In this article, the number of robots taking over jobs from people will double from the current 29 percent and machines could force 75 million people out of jobs as early as 2022. Read the article here

In this article by BY MICHAEL GROTHAUS identifies jobs that robots won’t take. He claims that In the next 12 years, 800 million people will lose their jobs to automation, but hairdressers, nurses, and artists are safe. To read the article visit here:

People and Machine ITGS
People and Machine ITGS

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