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IA ITGS Project - Internal assessment

The IA component is assessed by your ITGS teacher and externally moderated by the IB.

The ITGS Project is worth (30 marks) and contributes 30% of your overall grade. You task is to develop an original IT product for a specified client.

For assessment IB students must produce:

  • a cover page using prescribed format

  • an original IT product

  • documentation supporting the product

Examples of IA Projects:

  • Database for the school nurse

  • Website for a business

  • Video of the school for prospective parents

  • Website for the school's MUN

  • Social media platform for the school's sports coordinator for upcoming events and score updates

  • Series of products for a business (business cards, letterhead, and email signature)

  • CAD design of a new building for a small business

  • Computer operate lighting design for a School Concert

  • Video clip for a rock band

  • Social Media tools for a skateboard shop

Students - write your IA Project in the comments

ITGS IA example - design a store - CAD design
ITGS IA example - design a store - CAD design

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