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EE Guide - How To Blitz Your Extended Essay

IB DP EE Assignment Schedule

1. Analyse & Brainstorm the focus topic and question

  • Before you do anything else, make sure you understand the task (word count, structure, time frame and mark scheme)

  • Get familiar with your chosen topic

  • Jot down some preliminary ideas in a mind map

  • Refine the topic and identify the focus area, identify potential primary research people; and consider your angle/slant/argument.

  • Create a general research questions (broad brush stroke... because it can be refined later)

2. Start your research

  • Develop a strategy for researching your assignment -

  1. who will be your focus groups for primary research

  2. how and when will your gather loads of secondary research on the topic

  3. what foundation knowledge is needed to ground the essay and act as a springboard

  • Find relevant databases in your subject guide

  • If you need help, ask a teacher(s), classmates and the librarian

  • Take notes as you read, including page numbers for referencing

  • Check for the desired referencing style

3. Plan a preliminary structure

  • Follow the appropriate structure for your assignment type

  • Use your mind map and preliminary research to create a linear plan

4. First draft

  • Paraphrase and reference what you use

  • Get feedback on your draft (teacher(s), peers and librarian)

  • Use your detailed plan to write complete paragraphs in an academic style

5. Continue your research

  • Make sure you have enough ideas and evidence from valid sources

  • Use Google Scholar

  • Adjust your plan and draft to reflect new ideas from your research

6. Redraft

  • Revise your draft, paying attention to structure and content

  • Make sure you synthesise information from different sources

7. Edit logical flow

  • Edit for completeness, structure and meaning

  • Check your paragraphs are well-formed and flow

  • Check your academic style of writing

8. Proofread and format

  • Check your referencing style is correct

  • Use a spell checker and grammar checker

  • Check your punctuation

  • Check the formatting and submission requirements

9. Submit

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