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Digital Citizenship ITGS

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

An ITGS Exploration of Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is the ethical and legal approach that individuals take in any situation with respect to the use of technology and their online identity. Digital citizenship is the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use. If one was to consider the negative possibilities a student may be faced with today’s technological and ubiquitous social-media landscape (especially issues about cyber bullying), as well as adults misusing and abusing technology in and out of the workplace, then you are now considering issues regarding Digital Citizenship. According to the nine elements of digital citizenship are:

  1. Digital access

  2. Digital commerce

  3. Digital communication

  4. Digital literacy

  5. Digital etiquette

  6. Digital law

  7. Digital rights and responsibilities

  8. Digital health

  9. Digital security

To explore the nine elements relating to Digital Citizenship explore these resources:

Digital citizenship Real Life Examples

To illustrate the concept of digital citizenship and user honesty - we shall consider the social and ethical implications of the Spanish health minister who was forced to quit over master’s degree that was not 100% truthful. Read the interesting dilemna here:

This article about Digital Citizenship, shifts one’s focus to the perspective of a student in a school social context, and demonstrates an understanding of the concepts that digital citizenship is essential for students of all ages.

IB ITGS Exam Style Quiz

  1. Define Digital Citizenship [2 marks]

  2. Outline guidelines a teenager should follow when writing and sending an email to a teacher, to demonstrate Digital Etiquette [4 marks]

  3. Discuss Digital Security from the perspective of one key stake holder involved in online banking [8 marks]

All About Digital Citizenship ITGS
All About Digital Citizenship ITGS

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