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BM Jarlsberg has an old-person problem

The Norwegian cheese brand’s customers are getting older, and in an effort to drive awareness and sales among younger people, it’s changing their focus toward digital media, influencers and pop-ups. The first place that’s changing is where and how it’s sold. Though Jarlsberg’s primary distribution channel has been being through major grocery retailers the company recognized it needed to do more than just physical in-store promotions. For the past year, Norseland has been evolving Jarslberg’s marketing strategy. It’s turned to digital marketing focusing on the experience of the brand expressed through search, pre-roll on YouTube, sponsored posts on social media networks including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Read the full article by Suman Bhattacharyya answer these IB Style Exam Questions

  1. Outline two ways in which the market size of the the food industry in the US might be measured. [4 marks]

  2. Prepare a SWOT analysis showing only the opportunities and threats for Jarslberg [4 marks]

  3. The U.S. cheese market is reportedly worth $15 billion; with growing competition among speciality brands. Using Porter's generic strategies as a framework, examine how Jarslberg might develop its competitiveness. [8 marks]

IB Business Management Exam Question Practice - Jarslberg
IB Business Management Exam Question Practice - Jarslberg

Inside Norwegian cheese brand Jarlsberg’s US marketing strategy

SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 by Suman Bhattacharyya

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