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ITGS AI assistant recommends workouts and meal plans

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Google Coach, a rumored Google wellness product powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Fitness will be Google Coach’s bread and butter, Android Police reports. But unlike Google Fit, Google’s activity-tracking platform, it’ll deliver insights proactively, informed in part by calendar appointments, reminders, and logged activities. If you skip a scheduled gym day, for example, it might nudge you to find another time. And if you’re falling short of a fitness goal, it could suggest workouts and routines that would help you achieve it.

Read the full Google Coach article by Kyle Wiggers and respond to these questions:

- explain the benefits of this health and wellness product from a health perspective

- describe what data that this program may collect and how

- construct an argument that either discourages or encourages that this technology be develop from a people and machines perspective

An AI assistant that recommends workouts and meal plans ITGS
An AI assistant that recommends workouts and meal plans ITGS

Google is reportedly developing an AI assistant that recommends workouts and meal plans


AUGUST 15, 2018 12:55 PM

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